About Our Tribe

Soltribe Cuisine is a collective made to help facilitate healthy and conscious consumption by providing the highest quality Vegan, Vegetarian & Gluten Free food as well as a variety of original and inspired drinks and desserts. Beginning in 2015 with the simple intention of serving delicious, clean food to festival-goers, Soltribe quickly evolved into something much bigger. Through this evolution, with the support of many like-minded people, our vision has expanded into a desire to change the standard narrative of food. To break with the idea that food that is nutritious and healthy can’t also be delicious and satisfying. It seeks to make a difference the current social and environmental landscape by informing the public that a choice in what you eat is the largest step you can take towards changing yourself and the world you live in.

order-here-food-arrowWe can facilitate events of any size! In certain cases (such as festivals) have even served several thousand a day, but no gathering is too small. Soltribe Cuisine has also been one of the official vendors at such festivals as Oregon Eclipse Desert HeartsSonic Bloom, Gem and Jam, and Lightning in a Bottle, mostly California and Colorado-based festivals, so look for us there! We always look forward to a chance to serve our friends and community!!
pick-up-food-arrowWe provide a wide variety of options for the health aware client, from fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and superfood smoothies, to full five or more course meals with soups and dessert, all organic and made with love.






Soltribe Cuisine truly gets to showcase it’s prowess for a diverse and balanced menu when given the opportunity to cater. When catering for festivals, we provide multiple meals a day for staff and crew for either build, during the event, or post-event. Soltribe has been responsible for over one thousand person services, three meals a day, along with beverage service. We provide a nutritious full course meal perfect for a business event, wedding, or intimate gathering. Menu can vary based on clients needs and event specifications, pricing will fluctuate accordingly. Half of the total payment will be needed up front as a deposit and to pay for food costs. We promise your guests will leave satisfied, feeling healthy and nourished.


Offering the same high vibrational menu as with the catering option, but each food item will be sold a cost to the patrons of the specific event. This generally is an option for bigger events such as festivals or used to fit a specific budget of a small event. We offer all organic freshly prepared food and always do our best to keep our prices reasonable and sustainable for all.

We love to collaborate! We take pride in finding ways to make it work for anyone interested in having our services, just reach out using our Contact Us Page